“This win’s for Sammy”. These immortal words, which meant very little to most at first, have now touched every heart in The Kindred clan. Sammy is a sick orphan who Dennis has been visiting every day after training for the last three months.

The outpouring of support for little Sammy has changed the young orphan’s life and with financial donations flowing in he has been able to have the vital operation he needed to become a healthy snail again.

“When I grow up, I want to be just like my hero Dennis,” Sammy said when a reporter asked him what he wants to do with his new life.

Dennis has promised to adopt Sammy if he gets out of The Octagon alive. He says he would have done it sooner, but he had given all his money away to the Marvel Hospice and couldn’t afford to look after Sammy, as he’s living ground to mouth as it is. But if he won the SnailRace8000, with the prize he’d get from it he’d be able to give Sammy the life he deserves.

He emphasised though that there are some great competitors in the race and he is honoured to even be a part of it. He just hopes he can make The Kindred proud. He’ll do his best.