Ollie "O Dogg" Oscarson

Ollie Oscarson, or O Dogg to his friends, entered the Boombora 1000to1 by accident when he mistook the lanes for a ride. All snails are required to enter the heats unless they have a very good excuse, but O Dogg had used the letter informing him about his heat as skins and had forgotten all about it.

When he was asked what he’d do with the prize if he won, Oscarson said, “Money is the opiate of the masses dude”. And when the reporter asked him if he subscribed to much of Karl Marx’s philosophy, despite the misquote, he replied, “Karl who?”

O Dogg is quoted as saying, “I don’t really care who wins the SnailRace8000. As long as it’s…” but then he trailed off because he got distracted when his left eye saw his right eye.