The Boombora clan was the last of the eight ancient clans of the first order to be discovered. Nestled amongst the snow-capped mountains of the northern territory is a sliding ground where they call home.

The second annual meeting of the Sagacious Council of the Seven Ancient Clans of the First Order of Snail Race Arbitration (SCSACFOSRA) was taking place in a ski-lodge at the southern tip of the Northern Territory at the foot of the Shellcantay Mountain when a snowball snowballed into the conference room and crashed into the whiteboard in a ball of snow and ice and snail. The snail turned out to be Jams Bodiex, president of the Boombora clan. The first thing he said when he awoke from the coma several weeks later was, “Woah, did you see that? I’m going again.”

Luckily, the SCSACFOSRA 2nd annual meeting was still taking place and Jams Bodiex was encouraged to meet the other clan members before risking his life again. At the end of the meeting, a vote was taken about whether to invite Boombora into the Council. The motion passed with a 2:1 majority, with most council members citing SCEACFOSRA being easier to pronounce than SCSACFOSRA as being their reasoning for passing the motion.

Some snails around the world found the way in which Boombora clan members moved to be unusual. This quickly became a contentious issue as other snails found these types of comments to be racist. Boomborans didn’t care either way and the common response, when asked about it, was, “If we do, we do, if we don’t, we don’t”.

Members of the Klebsiella clan, a predominantly scientifically informed clan, ran some tests on a willing Boomboran and discovered that, most likely due to a mutation in the ancestral line which remained within the clan due to its insularity, members of Boombora predominantly have glycoproteins present in monomers as opposed to polymers which causes their slime to be more slippery.

This scientific discovery raised a number of eyebrows among competing clans in the SnailRace8000 until the Klebsiella scientists explained that while the mutation would improve cornering amongst Boomborans, it would have no advantage in a straight-line race.

This mutation goes some way to explaining why Boomborans are such thrill-seekers and lovers of extreme sports.