Distinguished Illustrious Clan

The Distinguished Illustrious Clan (DIC) has been blessed by the Geographical lottery. Its origins were as humble as any of the other clans. The clan’s original name was Cumsicumsa and its motto was “Snails together today, tomorrow and always.” But in the second millennium, the clan discovered that their land was covered by vast underground carrot deposits. The inhabitants of the clan became the richest snails in the entire world overnight.

Change came quickly after that. Representatives of the newly named DIC clan would often show up late or drunk, or both, to the Snail World Summit (SWS) with a snail of easy virtue under each arm. Every time the SWS High Council fined them for bringing the summit into disrepute, the DICs would typically send them double the amount of the fine along with a note saying, “Here, buy your wives something nice from us”.

SCEACFOSRA is the only authority that the DIC recognises. Apart from being the richest clan in the world, DIC has also grown to believe that it is the best, and to prove this it takes the SnailRace8000 very seriously each season, with the winner wanting for nothing if he wins, or excommunicated if he loses.

DIC has a very strict immigration policy. Legal immigration does not exist in the region and in order to eradicate illegal immigration a wall of salt 15 cms high and 16000 cms wide was erected in the years after the discovery of the carrot deposits.