The DonnSean clan is based in the river meadow territory on the southern shore of the mountain valley peninsula, just beyond the Eastern slopes of the monadnock lagoon.

Its people enjoy a quiet life of picnics, love-making, and gondola rides. Monogamy, while not illegal, is heavily frowned upon amongst the people of the DonnSean clan. They will intercoursify anything that moves. In light of the fact that they are a self-proclaimed nation of storytellers, dreamers, and poets, it is a little surprising that their Clan motto is “Do sex”.

Pregnancy has often been the downfall of DonnSean clan snails in the SnailRace8000 over the millennia. They are the least successful clan in the history of the competition with less than 100 wins in 8000 years. Their most recent success was over two centuries ago when Horatio Bonar managed to impregnate all seven of his fellow competitors while sequestered in The Octagon.