Members of the Klebsiella clan have relied on, what they insist is, superior intelligence since the beginning. They are the only clan not to claim ownership of one of the two racers which the legend says inspired the SnailRace8000, citing that no Klebsiellan would ever allow alcohol to inhibit their brain capacity as the reason.

For millennia the Klebsiella clan had been using eugenics to create the fastest and strongest snails, but researchers at Klebsiella University (KU) discovered over two thousand years ago that smaller snails were less susceptible to sickness and disease, consequently, the Klebsiella clan has endeavoured to create a smaller race of snails, believing that longevity can give them great advantages. Klebsiellans have an average life expectancy of 11 days longer than Bomborans (The clan with the second-longest life expectancy). They equate that as: 1000*11 = 30.136986301369 years of extra education per generation.