Legion’s claim to one of the first two snails who inspired the SnailRace8000 is similar to most of the other clans. Their snail won the race, end of story. However, some of the other clans do believe that one of the two snails in the race was from Legion, but he was the losing snail and that he killed the snail who won the race and also the barsnail so there would be no witnesses to his shameful defeat.

If any snails from other clans suggest this, it is not the insinuation of murder which angers the Legion snail, but the intimation of defeat. And to prove that they are not opposed to murder they will often give a little murder demonstration to the person who suggested it.

Legion is a clan of killers, pillagers and Gommorizers, and some members of the clan wouldn’t even flinch if their annual tax return was a day or two late.

The general rule in the Legion clan is Snail Eat Snail, and when a snail does use cruelty or ruthlessness to get ahead, the other clan members would be happy for them if they weren’t so bitter with rage that they didn’t think of it first.