The Schnakes clan is made up of hundreds of small developments of between one and five snails. They would not consider themselves a clan and, indeed, SCEACFOSRA is ultimately responsible for the existence of the collective known as Schnakes.

They are the snails who rejected their clans and chose exile, or freedom depending on one’s point of view – The Vvarrior snail who couldn’t face the rigorous training regime, the Bombora snail who couldn’t stand the word “dude”, the Klebsiellan who thought science was a fad, or the Distinguished Illustrious Clan member who thought the 1987 Chateau Lafite wasn’t a bad vintage.

They all live outside society now. Those that live alone are the lucky ones. The ones who are forced to share accommodation in the outlands spend every waking moment, and every sleeping moment, with one eye open because trust does not exist amongst the Schnakes.

SCEACFOSRA uses both the carrot and the salt stick to ensure full participation and cooperation from Schnake clan members. It is another example of the overall and ultimate power of SCEACFOSRA.