The Kindred

The Kindred clan are descended from Brian and Betty Kindred and are one big happy family. The busiest snail in the clan is Billy Kindred, the post snail. The Kindredians are constantly sending each other letters, parcels and care packages in the post and Billy delivers them all personally. He hasn’t stopped moving since he got the job seven years, five months, twelve days and fifteen hours ago. A snail from another clan might argue that 65,247 hours is too long to work without a break, but Billy says he’s happy to do it.

The last Kindred contestant in the SnailRace8000 (Chris) was seven points up going into the final race. All he had to do was finish the race and he would have won it. However, the night before the final race the Schnakes contestant approached him in The Octagon and sold him a sob story about needing the prize for an operation for his sick brother and Chris chose to wait until the time had elapsed before crossing the line for a DNF (Did Not Finish). The Schnake won it by one point. When Chris was told by a reporter that the story was made up, he just said, ‘well if he needed the win badly enough to make up that story, then I’m happy for him’.

Chris was treated as a hero when he returned to his clan. And all Kindredians clapped respectfully when the Schnake member was awarded the prize at the closing ceremony.