The Vvarrior clan, sometimes referred to as the Cactus clan or the Dragon clan, is situated in a cactus patch in the centre of an arboretum (pictured). Most clan members have never known comfort or security (Unlike most of the contestants who abhor The Octagon because death is such a frequent visitor, that it just meets the prerequisites for life and that it drives snails to madness, Vvarrior contestants complain that it is too cosy and they don’t want to lose their edge).

Vvarrior Clan Homeland:A barren view of dangerous looking cactii with a scorching orange sky in the background

Birds from the arboretum which houses the Vvarior clan have learned to look elsewhere for food as several of them cracked their beaks trying to break into the shells of the weaker Vvarrior snails. However, cowering inside their shell is considered pussy-like behaviour amongst most of the clan, as a true Vvarrior never hides. If a bird stays in the same place long enough for a Vvarrior snail to climb onto them, they’ll, ironically, be worm food, although to be fair if a bird stays in the same place long enough for a snail to climb onto them, the odds are they were dead already.

Vvarriors maintain that they developed their bird fighting skills because in the past they fought dragons in much the same way – this is why they feel such an affinity with dragons and why they have the image of a dragon as their logo.

The Vvarrior clan is the most successful clan in the SnailRace8000 with 2499 winners down through the years, however, getting to 2500 has proven to be a problem as they haven’t won it for fourteen years now – the longest they have ever gone without a win. Will this be the year that sees an end to the drought?